BootRacer 8.85

Monitors the boot time and detects slow starting applications
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8.85.2022 (See all)

Scans the boot and monitors the whole process of booting to see what are the applications causing slow starting of the entire operating system. Displays the total time of the boot while dividing it into Pre-Boot, Windows Boot, Password Timeout, and log in to Desktop.

After using your PC for years, you have probably noticed that its boot process gets slower and slower. This is usually because some of the programs you install run automatically when Windows starts up. Fortunately, there are tools like BootRacer which helps you identify the programs that mostly slow down your boot process, so that you can disable or remove those you don't really need.

The program automatically monitors your system's boot process and saves information about each time it happens so that you can historically compare how it has evolved. BootRacer offers you very accurate results, as it measures the time the Windows boot process itself takes and the time your desktop takes to be ready for use, discarding external factors like the time you use to type your password. Also, this tool automatically shows a small window on the notification area to warn you that Windows is still loading services and startup apps, with a countdown of the remaining time. Once you see the "Good to Go" message, you know you can start running your programs without any delays.

The program's main window shows you the statistics about your last boot process in a visual way, and a basic chart that compares it with the previous three ones. From here you can launch the "Startup Control" window which lists all the startup programs configured on your system and allows you to disable, remove or run any of them, or to change their execution order. Also, you can launch the "Boot History" window to have a visual comparison of the last boot processes with detailed information, and you can even add your own comments. But what is really impressive about BootRacer is the "Startup Control" feature, which comes disabled by default but you can enable with one click. It shows you a window on the notification area where you can see the load process of each startup app, being you able to pause the process and manually run any of them. Once this feature is enabled, you can additionally access a report that shows you the start, load and/or total times each app takes, so that you can identify which ones slow down your boot process the most, at a glance.

All in all, if your PC's takes too long to boot and/or get ready for use, it might be time to use a program like BootRacer and discover which startup apps are causing the problem. The program is free for personal and non-commercial use, otherwise you need to buy a license and register it starting at $19.95. The publishers even organize a contest in which you can participate by allowing the program send your statistics to their servers. Certainly you won't win any prize, but you will collaborate with the program's development and enhancement.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Identifies the programs that mostly slow down your boot process
  • Saves statistics about each boot process and compares them
  • Offers very accurate information
  • Warns you when Windows is still loading startup services and apps
  • Disables or removes startup apps
  • Control your system's startup process


  • The "Startup Control" feature needs to be manually enabled
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